The Keele STarT Back Screening Tool (SBST) is a new tool that has been developed for patients with persistent Low Back Pain (LBP). It allows for prognostic screening to help aid overall treatment and management pathways in a primary care setting.

The SBST helps to categorise patients into 1 of 3 ‘risk of poor outcome ‘groups; low, medium or high. Each group then carries a different intervention pathway that can be implemented, depending on the patients answers to a set of standardised questions.

A recent trial of the tool published in The Lancet indicated a cost saving approach. The tool itself was funded by Arthritis Research UK and the results of a recent Randomised Control Trial (RCT) of the tool are pending publication… Watch this space!

The original SBST screening tool can also be adapted into a numerical rating scale and can be used during their management to objectively measure how patients are responding to treatment.

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