These resources are available to surgeries that use Goodson Parkbury physiotherapists.


Goodson Parkbury is a physiotherapy practice that specialises in delivering in house NHS physiotherapy within GP surgeries. This website  is devised to provide information to registrars and locums and includes a brief description of common musculo-skeletal conditions with diagnostic aids, symptoms and treatments. Your in house physiotherapist only treats musculo-skeletal conditions and each referral must only be for one musculo-skeletal condition. The reason for the referral must be clearly stated in the patient notes. Appropriate referrals lead to reduced DNA’s and cancellations by the patients. It also helps to reduce waiting times for physiotherapy treatment.

Included in this website is also a referral criteria section designed to ensure that referrals to your in house physiotherapist are appropriate. This includes criteria for urgent referrals. If you would like a patient to be seen urgently and they meet the criteria please contact your in house physiotherapist by internal email.

In each surgery there are exercise and advice sheets to be found on the computer for you to print and give to your patients. This enables your patients to start self treating while they are waiting for a physiotherapy assessment.

If you are unsure whether a referral is appropriate you can contact your physiotherapist by internal email. You are always welcome to sit in on a physiotherapy session.

Goodson Parkbury Physiotherapy provides a comprehensive range of information and interactive tools to aid GPs when diagnosing and treating common MSK conditions.

It also includes a guide to the referral pathway and referral criteria.