Managing an MSK budget is complex.  Surgeries need to manage the risk of wasting resources by allocating too much money, and also the risk of having to ration treatment at the end of the budget year, because of insufficient resources.

Complete responsibility for primary care physiotherapy

Goodson Parkbury can take complete responsibility for in house primary care MSK physiotherapy and co-ordinate treatment with other AQP approved providers.

Complete responsibility for MSK budgeting

Goodson Parkbury can take complete responsibility for budgeting.  They advise on the number of treatments required, based on the size and demographics of the practice.  They record and monitor all spending, and report monthly to the practice manager.  This gives early warning of potential problems, such as too many referrals leading to a budget shortfall.

An exceptional service

Goodson Parkbury delivers this exceptional service based on their combination of skills and evidence based practice.  They have years of experience in delivering treatment and of working with surgeries; backed by strong budgeting and management expertise.