Goodson Parkbury helps patients and GPs.  They deliver physiotherapy in the surgery as well as offering primary care MSK and budget management. services.

Patients prefer Goodson Parkbury

Patients prefer being treated in their doctor’s surgery.  It is local and familiar.  They know they are not going to get ‘lost in the system’. They also like to know that their physiotherapist and their doctor are working closely together.

Professional partnerships

Goodson Parkbury works hard to create a productive and professional partnership with their GPs.  They have been working in surgeries since 1992, and now work in 9 different GP practices.  They focus solely on NHS patients.

Goodson Parkbury works closely with GPs.  All treatment is documented directly to the patient’s notes, so the GP always has a full picture and can monitor progress.  They provide outcome data on each patient every month, giving surgeries control over costs.  All outcomes are regularly audited to ensure that treatment is efficient and cost-effective.

Goodson Parkbury provides all their own equipment; they just need an ordinary consulting room.  They provide treatment at the times you want,  including evening surgeries.

Goodson Parkbury gives feedback and advice on referrals in order to reduce unnecessary referrals and DNAs.

The Patient Pathway

After referral by their GP, patients book their appointment with the physiotherapist at the surgery reception. Alternatively they can be referred by letter or email and then contacted by their physiotherapist, who will triage and make an appointment.

All treatment is documented directly to the patient’s notes.  At the end of their treatment all patients are given a discharge report.

Training and CPD

Goodson Parkbury frequently trains GPs and registrars in MSK medicine, and provides CPD including registrars sitting in on physiotherapy sessions.  Past experience includes lecturing at the BMA.