Surgery-based NHS Physiotherapy

Goodson Parkbury delivers excellent physiotherapy to NHS patients in the Hertfordshire and North London areas. Their team of physiotherapists are all members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and registered Health Care Professionals.

They offer unique benefits to both patients and referring GPs :

  • treatment is delivered at the GP surgery
  • 20 years experience of working with patients and GPs
  • the ability to manage an MSK budget

For GPs

Years of experience working in surgeries means Goodson Parkbury know how to make their professional partnership with GPs work well for both the patient and the GP.  Their budgeting and accounting expertise means they can manage the MSK budget for the surgery, freeing GPs and practice managers to concentrate on running their practice.

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For Patients

Goodson Parkbury’s professional training and years of experience help them deliver effective treatment for a wide range of conditions.  The treatments are delivered in the familiar setting of your GP’s surgery.  This helps them work in close partnership with your GP to deliver the best treatment for you.

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